The Greatest Fight in the World: The Final Manifesto by C.H. Spurgeon

What do you tell a group of future pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders when you believe you may be near your final days? While Spurgeon could not have known that this would be his last major address to his students at the Pastors College, his words are stirring. For pastors, elders, and other congregational leaders, his words are sound a call for the theological climate of the day.

Spurgeon’s final manifesto contains just three chapters in a small (128 page) book. But the reader can almost feel his passion jump from the pages. He spends the majority of the time speaking on the Armor of the Christian. He sends out a clarion call for pastors to stand uncompromisingly on the clear and simple truth of scripture. He challenges men to preach the word. Not traditions, personal opinions, or theological nonsense, but the very words of Holy God. He follows this with a section on the Army, or the church. I love his call for the church to be a church of prayer. We don’t talk about intense, intercessory prayer like Spurgeon does, at least not as often as we should, and we sure don’t practice it corporately (it might make the seekers who are visiting our services uncomfortable…). My heart was stirred as I read his call to prayer. He closes with a section on Our Strength. Here he gives a basic explanation of the work and power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those who are indwelt by Him. The task is great, the challenges prominent, but the power of the Holy Spirit is unconquerable for those who trust totally in Him!

This little book is a great little work for the pastor and Christian to have and read. It is short, to the point, and addresses issues that were prominent many years ago, but that are still raging in the church today. As I finished I prayed simply that God would give me a little bit more of what Spurgeon had, and a little bit less of “me.” To be a tool in the hand of the Creator is an awesome thought, whether it be a pastor, plumber, lawyer, accountant, factory worker, or whatever else. That we would be sharp tools, well formed, and reliable in the hands of the Master Craftsman!

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  1. Thanks for taking time to read and comment. It is eerie how many of the challenges Spurgeon faced in his last days are becoming major issues among American Evangelicals.

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