Do Not Be True to Yourself

              Graduation speeches can be a little like Disney movies. They contain good nuggets, and oftentimes good stories, but usually are built on a faulty view of mankind, which means that they ultimately fall short of accomplishing any kind of meaningful goal. Speeches by Christians ought not share in this fatal flaw.

              In his delightful (and short) book, Don’t Be True to Yourself, Pastor Kevin DeYoung shares some of the thoughts he has delivered at various graduation ceremonies. These brief addresses are marked by DeYoung’s trademark wit and strong theology. There is no cotton candy theology or fluffy feel-good inspiration. Yet he is not pessimistic or negative. Instead, he takes the precious truths of the Word of God and applies them. We cannot trust our hearts, or ever hope to be our most “authentic self” without the heart-changing power of Christ. We are not by nature good people. We are broken, twisted, and perverse. But Christ takes broken people and makes them new.

           Many speeches encourage graduates to live for something bigger than themselves. But they often fall terribly short in helping determine what that something might be. Usually, this is because they hold to a belief system that makes truth relative and forces the listener to simply “find” something that will give them purpose. DeYoung points the reader to the source of true purpose- the glorification of God through a life lived in a way that honors Him. This way of living then frames the rest of life.

           DeYoung’s book is short, pithy, and easy to read. But don’t let that fool you. He crams a lot of needed material into a small package. I would highly recommend taking a read, whether you are a recent graduate, or just a person looking to re-anchor yourself in the One who gives purpose to all things.

           I received a free copy of this book from Crossway in exchange for a fair and honest review.