Deuteronomy 6 Parenting (part 2): The Importance of Internalizing Truth

In part one, we looked at Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and covered the importance of a parent loving God above all others. In verse 6, Moses gives parents another step in this process of training their children.

In our family, we have begun learning catechisms with our kids. We are currently working through Big Truths for Little Kids, mainly with my five year old, though my little two year old pipes up with an answer every now and then. I am learning with him, and something has amazed me. My little guy, who is learning to read but can’t read yet, is memorizing catechism and memory verses! Now, he is not exceptional in this regard. He is simply revealing something that is true of all people- we have the capacity for internalizing truth.

This is what Moses is getting at in Deuteronomy 6:6. When he says, “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart,” he is laying out two basic facts about God and parenting:

  1. God has revealed His nature, character, and will
  2. That revelation can be learned and internalized by His people

Okay, so what do I do as a parent? First, as we talked about, I have to love the Lord with every fiber of my being. Second, I must know His Word, but it must go beyond intellectual knowledge (which is where my five year old is!) to something that shapes me, my worldview, my decision making, etc. But this only happens if I love the Lord (back to point one!) enough to make studying, meditating on, and internalizing the Word a priority in my life. I have noticed this in my parenting of my kids. When God’s Word is influencing my decisions and words, my parenting is much more reflective of what we find in the Word of God. I am much less prone to reacting to situations in the flesh because the Holy Spirit is having free reign. So, let’s be parents who love the Lord and who love Him enough to immerse ourselves in the text of His Word! There are plenty of practical helps available for those desiring to do thorough study of the Bible. From reading plans to commentaries to scripture memory programs and good Bible studies, the tools are out there. We just need to develop a hunger for the Words of the living God.