Christmastown and a Great Night out as a Family

garden-of-lights-1This is one of those blog posts that usually would be posted by what my wife refers to as “Mommy-bloggers.” There is a reason for that. My wife takes pictures (usually a staple item for a post about a family visit anywhere). I sort of stink at the picture thing. Moms have ways of describing their children at events that is far more thought-provoking and imagination-stirring. So, with that disclaimer in print, let me share what our family did last night.

Every year the Creation Museum (a creation apologetics ministry about 45 minutes from our house) offers a free Christmastown event each Friday and Saturday evening during the month of December. The program is incredible. They have their gardens strung with thousands upon thousands of lights, with dinosaurs, snowmen, and a variety of other things. Last night started out with a program/concert with Ken Ham and Buddy Davis. This was right on the level of our 5 year old. He giggled and laughed throughout the singing and bantering back and forth.

Following the 4:00 program, we had dinner as a family in the Noah’s Ark Cafe. No phones ringing, no meetings that I had to race through dinner in order to get to. We just sat, ate, laughed about the concert and pointed out the lights we could see from our seats. Both of our little ones expressed a growing anticipation to get outside and see the lights.

After dinner we bundled up and went outside. Walking through the gardens at Answers in Genesis is beautiful in the Summer, but in the winter months the lights make everything special. There was an “Itty-Bitty Donut” stand where we grabbed some hot mini donuts sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar. There was a live nativity, wise man, and various characters you might run into while in the gardens. There was also a small market where you could purchase kettle corn, funnel cakes, hot chocolate, or more serious food like brats and chili. By the time we walked through everything the kids were tired (which was one of our major objectives!). Grabbing ice cream on the way home kind of put a exclamation point on a great night out with the family.

So, if you are ever in Northern Kentucky or the Cincinnati area in December, be sure to check out Christmastown at the Creation Museum. And if you have never visited the museum itself, it is well worth the time spent. If your background has exclusively been in the naturalistic worldview of evolutionary theory, or you’ve never given serious consideration to the account of creation in Genesis 1-2, the museum really serves as an eye-opener. The scientists at AIG are serious about their work, and they do a good job in defending the authority of scripture.